How did this start?

After years of social media consulting, conference speaking and writing books, Nils Smith (CEO of Amplify Social Media) experimented for the first time with building an online course. After seeing the power of the unique learning experience and ability to help more leaders in a more experiential way, Nils began to help other leaders do the same partnering with instructors to bring their knowledge to people through an online course. 

Nils and his team at Amplify Social Media go beyond producing courses, but fully partner in strategy, development and marketing every course that is created through Amplify Courses.

The Company

Behind the Courses

Founded by Nils Smith, Amplify Social Media is a Digital Marketing Execution Agency based in New York City.

With a strong core of digital creatives and a primary focus on social media, it is Amplify Social Media’s mission to help leaders maximize media to accomplish their goals.

We maximize social media through four core areas of focus


everything we do starts with a clear and intentional strategy with defined goals and measurable results.


from graphic design, video and audio production, and copywriting our team is ready to develop all creative assets necessary to execute every marketing strategy.


this is where the rubber meets the road. Our team distributes all content created to all platforms and manages the execution of all deliverables from content creation, optimization, distribution, and response.


every marketing and media strategy comes with clearly defined targets and monitoring and measuring analytics. Our team uses any tool necessary to both measure key analytics, and create clear reports to make sure you are able to clearly understand the effectiveness of every initiative.

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