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Marriage in Crisis Part 2

Divorce is running rampant in our culture today and many marriages are in crisis mode. This course will help you learn about how our culture affects our view of marriage and what to do to fix it.

This course is a continuation of the course Marriage In Crisis Part 1. This course includes 4 short videos of Dr. Kim Kimberling teaching on marriage in crisis and typical threats to marriage. Each video is coupled with application questions that will help you process his teachings and take practical steps to getting your marriage out of crisis. Take this course and be on your way to having an awesome marriage!


  1. Pornography
  2. Debt
  3. Settling
  4. Giving Up


Course Objectives

  1. Identify porn as a deterrent to a healthy married sex life. 
  2. Understanding how debt and money stress affects marriage. 
  3. Learn about not settling for anything less than an awesome marriage. 
  4. Understanding that your marriage is worth one more try.